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Breda is a meeting place and networking city with an international allure. The city owes this to its unique geographic location between the mainports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and its infrastructure. A combination which creates the possibility of fast en efficient transport of people and goods. Since international boundaries have dissapeared, the city can exploit its international potency even better. It's not a coincidence that Breda plays a leading role in logistic processes.
In short, Breda is an outstanding example of a networking city focussing strongly on quality and sustainability. Key-words are: high level distribution of knowledge and services, small scale and medium sized business, an agreeable, dynamic an richly varied residential and living climate in an attractive city, cherishing its rich history and culture.

Breda is an attractive city, favourably situated between Rotterdam and Antwerp. It is a pleasant region to work and live. The region has a great deal to offer the entrepreneur, for example an excellent infrastructure via road and rail: Breda is connected to the international highspeed rail network with shuttles to and from Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. This reduces the travelling time to and from Rotterdam to 24 minutes, Schiphol Airport 53 minutes and Amsterdam 1 hour and 6 minutes.

It is with good reason that many companies have preceded you and opted for Breda as their home base . And rightly so!

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You can get all the information of doing business in Breda from:

Gemeente Breda
Afdeling Economische Zaken (Economic Affairs Department)
P.O Box 90156,
4800 RH Breda
The Netherlands

Phone number: +31 (0)76 529 3750 
Faxnumber: +31 (0)76 529 3646

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