Official Matters

The necessary whos, whats and hows of living in Breda. This section contains  a selection of Breda's products and services for residents: from registering a birth to arranging a work permit; exchanging a driving licence to deregistration. At present the municipality's forms are available only in Dutch.

We are working on providing translations of all the relevant products and services for international residents. If the entire product description is not yet ready, we have provided a translation of the title so that you know what the municipality offers. 

Holland Expat Center South

Since 2013, de municipality of Breda is a participant of Holland Expat Center South. Therefore, expat procedures are easy and the Holland Expat Center South is available for expats to guide them with information.

Expat Procedures

Holland Expat Center South is a one-stop shop for expats living and working in the Southeast Netherlands. Our mission is to promote and support international companies and highly skilled migrants by offering a fast and easy procedure for formalities, and providing complete information about services in the region.

More information about the Expat Procedures available at the website of Holland Expat Center South.

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